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4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Intestinal Health


Yeast infections and leaky gut syndrome are becoming more widespread due to the fact many people are not taking care of their intestinal health. Your intestinal health is at the root of all your health. Keeping your intestines healthy will help you live a longer, fitter life. No one can live forever but living a life filled with vitality and energy is so much more enjoyable. There are simple ways you can improve your intestinal health, and start living life to the full.

More fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet keeps everything moving through your digestive tract at a faster rate. This helps your body eliminate toxins and unwanted bacteria a lot more regular so they don’t start causing problems. Bacteria such as the Candida yeast loves hanging around in your intestines feeding on the toxins and undigested food.

Eliminating more toxins through your bowel faster also gives your liver a lot less to do.

More fiber also keeps your colon clean so the Mucoid Plaque doesn’t start building up on your intestinal walls. Mucoid plaque stops your body absorbing nutrients from your food, and is home for bacteria and parasites.


Eating probiotics every day will fight off any Candida yeast that lives dormant in your intestines. Probiotics are your first defense against these and other micro organisms, and will keep your intestinal bacterial balance in check.

Probiotics also help your intestines digest food, and will keep your intestines clean so you can absorb the nutrients from your food.

The easiest way to add probiotics to your diet is eat a natural live sugar free yogurt every day. If you don’t want to eat a yogurt every day you can buy tablets or capsules from your local health food store.

Drinking a fermented drink called Kefir will populate your digestive tract with much stronger strains of beneficial bacteria. You can buy kits or grains online to make this drink yourself.

The bacteria in Kefir attach themselves to your intestinal walls which helps keep them a lot cleaner.

Raw foods

Eating more raw foods strengthens your digestive system. Raw foods still contain natural enzymes that helps to digest them so your body has less work to do.

Sprouting kits are becoming more popular now because raw live sprouts are filled with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

Raw foods such fruit and live sprouts contain lots of fiber as well to keep your colon clean.

Eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates

Sugar has no nutritional benefits at all. It is just a product that is added for flavor, and in reality is just bad for you. Not only does it feed bad bacteria it will also make you put on weight.

Bacteria such as the Candida yeast love to feed on our modern diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates. When the Candida yeast starts feeding and mutating other health problems can start to arise such as a yeast infection.

Foods such as bread and rice are a lot more healthier when they’re wholegrain. Wholegrain foods are a lot easier to digest, and contain more fiber.

Once you have your digestion running at it’s optimal best you’ll have more energy, your skin will be clearer and your life in general will have more well-being.

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