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Is the Penis a Muscle? – Discover How the Penis Really Benefits From Exercises


Is the male penis a muscle? No, at least not completely. One might think that the penis contains no muscle at all, however this is not true. In fact a good percentage of the penis consists of muscle tissue. However do not associate them along the lines of biceps or quadriceps because they work differently from the typical muscles we are familiar with.

Most of us only know one type of muscle which is called “skeletal muscle.” Stuff like the biceps, triceps, or any other muscle associated with body building is in this category. What a lot of people do not know is that there are other types of muscle tissue. We have the “cardiac muscles” which are found in the heart, and then there is “smooth muscle” which can be located in the blood vessels and other organs.

The penis is largely made up of smooth muscle and plays an important factor in the function of the penis. These do not act like a normal muscle. In fact the only skeletal muscle that you will find is at the base of the penis called the pelvic floor muscles, and they to have their own set of tasks.

Smooth Muscle is Important

It was at first believed that an erection was caused from the chambers of the penis being engorged in blood. While that does happen during an erection it is only part of the process. The smooth muscle is extremely important because it is needed to initialize and maintain an erection.

In order for an erection to occur the smooth muscles must completely relax. This is triggered by a chemical in the brain. If the muscles are not relaxed the penis will not get erect. You can say that they are essentially the “back bone” of the erection. Without it the penis cannot work properly.

How the Penis Benefits From Exercises

The explanation on how penis exercises work is much clearer with the introduction of smooth muscle. A lot of people would compare the method to earlobe stretching; however this is only partially true. The penis is far more complex than an earlobe and the way the tissues respond to stimuli is actually closer to how skeletal muscles grow.

It was thought that the spongy tissues of the penis simply grew in response to the stress that was made from the exercises; again this is only partly correct. The tissues do grow, but the penis is also made up of smooth muscle. While they might not function like skeletal muscle they certainly respond to stress in the same manner.

All muscle types grow and relax in the same fashion so it makes sense that the penis would grow or divide through controlled amounts of force. Because smooth muscle initiates an erection it is presumed that this is primarily the reason why the penis gets bigger, harder, and stronger through exercises.

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