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Lawrence Sosna ND, PhD

Dr. Lawrence Sosna is a N.D. and has a PhD in Myology with an emphasis in Orthomolecular  Biochemistry. He strictly practices Integrative Medicine – his research field being cellular regeneration, Anti-Aging and bio-identical comprehensive hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Sosna lectures on these topics at symposiums all over the world.  Recently Dr. Sosna has been appointed Dean of the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Encinitas California.

Dr. Lawrence Sosna, N.D., Ph.D., HHP, graduated first in his class from the Fairfield Collegeof Myopractics in 1993. He has been a certified Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) since 2004 andholds a Ph.D. in Myology with an emphasis in Orthomolecular Biochemistry. He strictly practices Integrative Medicine, combining the best of both mainstream and natural treatment techniques. His main areas of research have been cellular regeneration, anti-aging and bio-identical comprehensive hormone replacement therapy.
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Dr. Sosna specializes in Staph and MRSA natural treatment. Dr. Sosna helps people to address the underlying causes of infection as well as addressing the infection itself.Dr.Sosna works with his patients to develop a personalized infection treatment and wellness strategy, which includes evidence-based infection treatments, nutritional support and strengthening of the immune system to minimize recurring infections.

Dr. Sosna provides phone consultations and can work with people remotely over the phone. He has access to lab testing resources and can order tests for her remote clients. Doctor Sosna collaborates closely with Medical Doctors (MDs) as part of his practice. This unique alliance provides patients the benefits of both mainstream allopathic medicine and naturopathic medicine, offering a new level of treatment choices and personalized care. Dr. Sosna has extensive experience with many natural medicinal products for controllinginfection, including medicinal grade essential oils.

President of the National Advocacy for the Chronically ill, that he personally lobbied President George W. Bush successfully.