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What Will Happen If Global Warming Continues?


Though many people believe that global warming is a hoax, something that scientists have invented, it is a fact that we have to accept. There is ample evidence to prove that global warming is a reality that mankind has to acknowledge and take steps to stop it. If global warming is not stopped, it will portend disaster for Earth.

If we do not take steps to stop global warming, it will have an adverse effect on all life forms, including humans. As temperatures on the Earth surface increase, the natural glaciers in the North and South Poles will begin to melt. These glaciers are a source of fresh water to several rivers. Once the glaciers melt, this fresh water will mix with the saline water of the oceans and there will be no drinking water available. Also, animals that live in the Polar Regions will be adversely affected as their habitat will be lost.

As the glaciers melt, tons of water will be emptied into oceans and seas causing the level of the seas to rise. This will end up submerging low lying regions along the coast. Several cities and towns will get flooded, and some countries like the Maldives and Bangladesh will be wiped out. Even large cities like New York will not be saved from the effect of rising sea level.

Th spread of disease is another important issue. As temperatures rise, tropical diseases like malaria will start spreading to subtropical as well as the northern regions. The warm temperatures will facilitate spread of tropical diseases to the rest of the world. Global warming will also have an effect on climate. More hurricanes will strike land and economies of cities and countries will be adversely affected as a result.

Hence, if this trend continues without any stoppage, it will have a far-reaching effect on Earth and its life forms.

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