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The Timeless Beauty of a Mission Style Bathroom Vanity


You might think that mission style bathroom vanities, which have been used in homes for more than 100 years, would have no place in the modern home; however, this isn’t the case at all. Mission style is currently just as popular as it was back when you’re grandparents were setting up housekeeping. The simple, classic lines and the solid quartersawn oak from which they’re crafted have given the mission style vanities a timeless quality that will still look as good a hundred years from now as it does today.

The style itself dates back to the Spanish missions of the American southwest and northern Mexico. Although the vanities have changed a bit since that time with the advent of modern materials, they still offer the warmth of hardwood coupled with the utilitarian beauty of the classic design. No matter whether you’re trying to match an elegant traditional style of décor or a sleek contemporary one, you’ll find that mission style vanities will blend right in.

Mission design bathroom vanities come in all sizes to fit any bathroom. In addition, you will find businesses online that specialize in custom-making them to fit the size of the space customers want to put them into. Most of them are equipped with at least double doors, but if you choose a larger model, you can also get several lovely drawers to help you solve your bathroom storage problems.

You might want to have your vanity topped with a one-piece marble counter and sink to give it both charm and ease of cleaning. Depending on the room you have for it, you can get a vanity topped with a large mirror, and you can also find mission style bathroom lighting to bring the look together.

If you’re a traditionalist at heart and love high quality and the rich look of real wood, you can hardly go wrong using a bathroom vanity made in mission style. It’s a look that will be exciting in your bathroom, and a look that is never going to go out of style. Many websites offer pictures and pricing on their vanities so that you can do some comparison pricing to make sure you get the best deal available.

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