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The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea


A substantial proportion of the diseases and illnesses which accrue as we get older are considered to be caused by years of living with elevated stress levels. One of the best stress reducing remedies we can take to fight the ongoing effects of our stress filled lives are herbal products called adaptogens, which possess many curative properties.

One such adaptogen is Rhodiola Rosea. Amongst the many benefits attributed to it are improvements in memory, concentration and attention span; reduction of anxiety and panic attacks; the alleviation of depression; and a decrease in mental and physical fatigue.

Rhodiola Rosea is a plant that is native to the world’s colder regions, including the Arctic, Central Asia, the Rocky Mountains of North America, as well as certain mountainous locales in Western Europe.

Rhodiola Rosea, as a stress-retarding adaptogen, has the potential to enhance brain function and mood. Stress interferes with memory functions and, over time, causes deterioration in memory systems. In addition to enhancing cognitive functions, learning and memory, Rhodiola Rosea may exert positive effects on memory and cognition by improving resistance to physical and emotional stress. Thus, the dual action of cognitive stimulation and emotional calming creates benefits for both immediate cognitive and memory performance and for the long-term preservation of brain functions. And, as an antioxidant, Rhodiola Rosea may help protect the nervous system from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

The systematic study of the pharmacological effects of Rhodiola Rosea began in 1965. Since then, various studies, predominantly in Russia (where it has for decades been taken by the military, cosmonauts and athletes as an effective anti-aging remedy) and Germany, show that it can be used in a number of beneficial ways:

o As a stimulant for the symptoms of asthenia (decline in work performance, sleep difficulties, poor appetite, irritability, headaches, and fatigue).

o In healthy individuals to relieve fatigue, increase attention span, memory, and work productivity.

o Overall, in small and medium doses, Rhodiola Rosea enhances norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and nicotinic cholinergic effects in the central nervous system.

o Fights the physical and mental effects of stress and lowers cortisol levels.

o Promotes the synthesis of ATP (cellular fuel).

o As an antioxidant, Rhodiola Rosea may help protect the nervous system from oxidative damage by free radicals.

o Increases physical work capacity and dramatically shortens the recovery time between bouts of high-intensity exercise.

o Rhodiola Rosea has the potential to help patients with depressive syndromes, mental and physical fatigue, memory loss and cognitive dysfunction from a variety of causes.

o Helps with sexual dysfunction, and menopausal-related disorders.

Rhodiola Rosea is the premium choice to counteract the mental and physical effects of stress. It is a potent herb that helps reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol while enhancing levels of key brain chemicals involved in regulating mood. Plus, Rhodiola works naturally to promote the synthesis of ATP, the primary energy source for all cells in the body.

So Rhodiola Rosea can provide a great way to conquer the mental and physical challenges of our stressful times. The other good news is that Rhodiola Rosea has shown few occurrences of side effects, has low toxicity, and there appear to be little if any contraindications with prescription medicines. However, like many other supplements, it should not be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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