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Superfoods For Women


Women have unique nutritional needs in comparison to men. There are various foods that can help women to feel healthier, more energetic and provide anti-aging benefits as well. This article will discuss several of these superfood choices.

Resveratrol: French women have been touting the benefits of moderate red wine consumption. This trend has gained momentum with women throughout the world. Resveratrol is a rich antioxidant derived from grapes. Some of the health benefits include anti-aging effects for the skin and cardiovascular support. Heart disease is a serious health problem for women and becomes more of a concern as women age. The best way to get resveratrol in your diet may not be from drinking a glass of wine. There are liquid resveratrol supplements that you can take to reap the benefits.

Enjoy Chocolate: Eating “cacao” or raw dark chocolate is another healthy superfood for women. Very high in antioxidant value, this is a natural supporter of heart health. Additional benefits include increased energy levels. If you love chocolate this is a great way to enjoy it and be healthy as well. Of course, consume in moderation.

Coconut Water: With the multitude of energy drinks available it is sometimes confusing to know what is healthy to drink. Coconut water is a good choice for many reasons. It is a natural drink that increase your energy and helps to keep you hydrated. It also balances electrolytes naturally in the body. Low in calories and without the added sugar of many commercial drinks, it is a delicious and healthy choice for a beverage.

Red Meat: Meat has gotten a very bad reputation as a food that is unhealthy to consume. The facts are that in moderation, red meat is a healthy food for women to consume. The ideal red meat to eat is lean and preferably grass fed. A good example would be tenderloin. 2-3 servings per week can provide you with a good source of protein, iron and b vitamins.

Tumeric: Also known as “curcumin”, it has been gaining widespread popularity as a superfood spice. Research studies have been conducted in labs showing that curcumin has the potential to destroy cancer cells. It is a very strong spice and can be a good complement to a variety of foods such as seafood and rice dishes. High in antioxidants this is another good superfood choice for women.

Pistachios: High in protein, pistachios are gaining popularity as a healthy nut for women to consume. Studies have shown that pistachios contain fiber and healthy fats. They also contain b vitamins and copper which are good for women’s energy levels. This combination helps the body to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates when they are consumed. This helps to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels and therefore pistachios are a good choice for women to eat. Remember to eat them in moderation at about 2-3 ounces daily and purchase the salt free variety.

Coffee: Yes, coffee in moderation can be a healthy beverage for women. High in antioxidants, women can enjoy a cup of quality organic coffee in their daily diet. Don’t overdo it as too much caffeine can affect your sleep or create nervousness.,

Oatmeal: The fiber in a whole grain oatmeal can help women to lower their cholesterol levels. This is a very heart healthy superfood to eat on a daily basis. Oatmeal also helps to keep you feeling fuller and satisfied and is a great breakfast choice. Make it even healthier by adding blueberries which are high in antioxidants. Always choose oatmeal that have no added sugar.

Clearly there are numerous superfoods that women can add to their diets to help increase their energy and obtain better health. Remember whenever beginning any dietary or lifestyle changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.

Source by Tina C. Loren

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