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Stretching With Meditation – The New Way Of Relieving Tension And Stress


Stress and a fast paced living see many of us having to find alternative ways of escape. Many people go to gyms to relieve stress in a healthy manner. Yet, few people consider going against the flow: to slow down and attempt meditation as an alternative for stress reduction. It is certainly an easy and fuss free method to consider.

Before we can effectively combat stress, we need to find the origins of our stress. It is a far better method to try to prevent the negative build up of unhealthy stress, rather than depend on massages and stretching, as they focus mainly on erasing the symptoms of stress and tension. When used in combination, stretching and mediation can be a powerful source of relaxation as well as a form of motivation.

We have all heard stories about how our mind is capable of greater thing. The mind can be a powerful tool to help combat stress. Your mind is able to determine the level of worries you allow yourself to shoulder, as it is the source of all consciousness and thought. We need to learn how to clam and relax our mind before we can really relax and be positive. You know it is time to try mediation if you cannot seem to quieten your racing mind even in the middle of the night.

Meditation requires a peaceful and calm environment. Select an area that is free from distraction. You can even perform meditation in your home, or in any place that you are comfortable with as long as the chances of being disturbed is relatively low. You might decide to even sit in a comfortable chair or sit on the floor. Wearing comfortable clothes that are not too restrictive would aid in our breathing as well.

Music is also encouraged, although the choice of music should be soothing. CDs that play natural sounds such as waves and the waterfalls are possible options to help calm your mind. Some people like to have incense to their meditation routine, as some people are more sensitive to scents and this helps them relax. Scents such as lavender are popular choices.

Stretching slightly in the beginning would help you to relieve some of the more obvious signs of stress to get you started on meditation. Stretching will relax your muscles while prepping them up as you could be in a sitting position for some time. It will also make you more comfortable and focused.

Take deep breaths, keeping your mind clear while focusing on the sound of your breaths. Your breathing technique should be the main focus you have in your mind. Focused breathing will improve circulation. Try to empty your mind of the day’s stress and troubles. Continue doing this for a few minutes until you are comfortable and you can increase the length of time devoted to mediation.

Meditation is a useful method for releasing stress and it is suitable for many who might have physical challenges. But when used in conjunction with stretching, it will definitely help to improve our physical well-being and mental state of mind!

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