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Nutrition Facts – What You Need to Know About Labels


To say that nutrition is important for your body would be an understatement. In fact, nutrients are the core elements that allow a person to grow, avoid illnesses, and live longer. Therefore, a good diet is crucial because it provides the needed nutrients to your body. Many foodstuffs today are packaged and labeled. As consumers, we frequently and generously consume different types of packaged food. More often than not, the food package states its nutrition facts. This nutrition guide intends to show you how to read a label effectively and as well as understand the roles of different nutrients in keeping you healthy.

The information displayed on label may seem complicated at times. All you want is to use the given information easily and effectively. How can you do so? Firstly, you should understand that product-specific information (i.e. serving size, nutrient information, and calories) is usually placed on the back-top section of the packaging. Standardized serving size allows you to compare prices of the chosen item with other products. Next, how many servings do you consume? The serving size correlates with the nutrition guide provided, which in turn tells you your necessary daily value of nutrient intake. Next, look into calories. Calories are directly translated into energy and they are the major contributor to that fluctuation in your weight. Calorie is associated with obesity. In the calorie scale (based on 2000 calorie), 400 is considered high, 100 – moderate, and 40 – low.

Also, beware if the item lists saturated fat in the label description. Try to reduce or avoid consuming products with high levels of saturated fat. The nutrition facts label not only helps you to identify the elements that you want to reduce (i.e. sugar, salt, and fat), it also tells you the nutrients that you should be consuming more of (i.e. vitamins and minerals). Therefore, the nutrition facts label serves great importance as it is a nutritional guide for consumers in many of their food purchase decisions.

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