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Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthy


Eating healthy is something that we all know is important to our well-being yet, instead of preparing healthy meals, we stop at the drive-through or we eat packaged foods or fried foods that are high in saturated fat and carbohydrates.

If we indulged every once in awhile it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but too many of us indulge in these foods all the time and we are paying for it in the way of declining health and weight gain. Poor diet has even been linked to depression, so eating healthy really is important. Healthy affirmations can help your eating habit improve and can lead to a healthy lifestyle starting today!

Health Affirmations Pick up Where Will Power Leaves Off

Will power is not something that you can rely on alone when you are trying to make a positive lifestyle change. Everywhere you go there will be temptations to eat foods that aren’t all that good for you and it can be hard to resist every time. Instead of relying on will power alone, strive to have the support of loved ones or a personal coach. You can also begin using positive affirmations to stay focused on your goals.

Affirmations are statements of your ideal behavior, feeling, response, and actions. You can use these health affirmations as a personal mantra to get you to where you want to be where your diet is concerned.

Your health affirmations could be something as simple as, “When I eat well, I feel well.” Other people need to establish their power over food so something such as, “I have the power to choose the foods that will nourish my body. I am in control of my choices!”

As you can see, these are very straight-forward statements and when you believe in them they give you the power to change your life by making the right dietary choices. You can use your health affirmations as a sort of backup, so if your will power wanes, you’ll still be able to make the right food choices between your support network and your positive affirmations!

The problem that a lot of people have when it comes to eating healthy is that we say to ourselves, “one piece won’t hurt” or “I already messed up today so it doesn’t matter” but these are negative thoughts that actually work against your goal to feed your body the food it needs to nourish and energize you.

When you use positive affirmations, you can avoid temptation and turn negative thoughts or thoughts of defeat into positive ones. When you use free positive affirmations or affirmations that you create yourself, you give yourself power over the temptation that you likely have never had before.

Health affirmations work, so long as you believe in them. When looking for free positive affirmations that you will use, make sure you believe them. If you can say them genuinely, you are more likely to follow through in both thoughts and actions.

Remember that even with affirmations you may not always be perfect, and that’s what your support network is for. With the help of positive affirmations and your loving support system, you have the power to change your life, one food choice at a time.

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