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Index For Homeopathic Remedies


Natural Homeopathic remedies for those people who want to go green and wean themselves off of prescription medications. There are many uses for natural remedies such as weight loss, immunity builders or to cure general health problems.

In Native American culture, they were very fond of using natural remedies and some of these are still used today. In the Index for Natural Remedies, I will include some of these examples. One warning about using these natural remedies, some of the herbs or roots cause side effects and in some cases can be serious, so use caution when trying them. There are many ways to use the herbs. They can be used as teas, poltices, extracts and also in capsules.

When making a tea, there a few rules to follow. The amount of herb used is one teaspoon of dried herb or 3 teaspoons of freshly crushed herb to one cup of boiling water. Pour the cup of water over the herb and steep for 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to make the tea stronger, use more herb. A word of caution, do not steep longer than 10 minutes or the tea will become bitter. Milk or cream or sugar added will cover the flavor of the herb if you do not like the taste. In order to prevent spoiling, do not keep the tea in your refrigerator longer than a week. Take no more than four cups of tea a day.

When making a poultice, make sure the herb is in ground form. Mix with enough water to make a paste. Apply the paste in a one-quarter inch layer on a piece of muslin or linen to cover the affected area completely. Cover this with plastic. Leave this on for eight hours. Wash the skin immediately upon removing. Have another poltice ready upon removal of the first one.

Herbal extracts are available from most herb shops. They are a highly concentrated liquid form of an herb. The usual dose is 6 to 8 drops.

You can buy herbal capsules at any health food store or herbal shop. Depending on where you live in the country, it will be easier to get some herbs as opposed to others.

A favorite remedy used by Native Americans for the treatment for bee stings was to apply wet tobacco leaves to the sting. A tea of Blackberry roots was used for the treatment of diarrhea. The inner bark of the White Pine Tree was used as a tea for colds and coughs.

Green Tea is one of the most effective immunity system boosters. It is a powerful antioxidant and the Japanese swear by it. Chamomile tea is nice to drink before bed to help you sleep. Peppermint and spearmint tea helps energise you. There are many more health formulas that you can make or buy for what ails you.

At the health food stores or herbal shops you can buy herbal capsules or extracts that will cure just about anything. Some examples are: Siberian Ginseng. This herb helps maintain a healthy immune system, energy, stamina and helps the body adapt to stress. Another example is: Garlic oil that is used to temporarily relieve colds and allergies and high cholesterol. One more example of the types of herbal capsules you can buy is: Ginko Biloba. This herb assists in aiding circulation to the hands, feet and legs.

A really good poultice for cuts, scrapes or abrasions is a poultice made from golden seal, comfrey, slippery elm and aloe vera. The golden seal helps with infections and the aloe vera helps carry the herbs into the deeper layers of the skin. Wild strawberries make a great poultice for sunburned skin. A good poultice for wart removal is crushed garlic. Put some vitamin e oil on your skin beforehand to protect it, then apply the poultice. There are many more great poultices that you can find to resolve any health problem by looking at the local library or health food store. May your search for the perfect herbal remedy go well! Be healthy, happy and safe!

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