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Food and Drinks to Avoid Or Limit For Whiter Teeth


A lot of our favorite food and beverages have been known to stain teeth. This can be frustrating when you are trying to achieve a perfect smile with glowing, beautiful, white teeth. If you whiten your teeth with laser dentistry or at home bleaching products, certain food and drinks should be avoided to maintain the work to make your teeth white. There is not much after care maintenance after your whiten your teeth, but watching what you eat and drink is important for post bleaching. Even if you do not whiten your teeth, there are some food and drinks you can avoid or limit to maintain the color of your white teeth.

If you find your favorite drink or food on the list, you do not have to completely avoid it. You can limit your intake of each; remember moderation is the key. You can also have whiter teeth if your brush and floss after consuming an item on the list. If you have been eating or drinking items on the list for year and are unhappy with the color of your teeth, you can go to a dentist that uses a dental laser to have your teeth professionally whitened. Your smile can go from looking great to fantastic in a matter of one whitening session with your dentist.

There are certain beverages that are known to stain your teeth more than others. One morning favorite that a lot of people drink is coffee. Unfortunately, this is a leading culprit of dimming a white smile. If you cannot start your morning without a cup of brew, be sure to brush your teeth or chew whitening gum after enjoying this beverage. Other caffeinated drinks that are also dark in color can stain your teeth. Tea and cola are also known to stain and turn your teeth yellow. Again, limit the intake, brush after drinking, or drink clear sodas instead.

Red wine and other dark fruit juices do not help in whitening your smile. Instead of drinking red wine, drink white wine such as pinot grigio or chardonnay if you are 21 or older. If you are drinking a dark colored wine, rinse your mouth with water instead of brushing to avoid scratching your enamel. Cranberry juice, blueberry juice, and other dark fruit juices can stain your teeth. Some grocery stores offer white cranberry and grape juices which are better for teeth whitening purposes.

Some of our favorite healthy foods can cause your teeth to stain. If you enjoy eating some of these foods, brush your teeth after eating them and that should prevent dimming. If you have been eating the foods for years and notice your teeth have stains, you can get whitening at your dentist’s office with a dental laser tool. Fruits and vegetables that are known to stain are blueberries and beets. You may have noticed that beets stain your hands if you are cooking with them, and they also stain your teeth. Beets can only help to whiten your teeth if you brush after eating them.

If you enjoy eating cuisine from around the world, keep in mind that curry and tomato sauces can cause your teeth to dim. Indian and Italian food are great, but limit how much you eat or brush your teeth immediately after enjoying a dish. Food that is also cooked with soy sauce or balsamic vinegar can also cause your teeth to yellow. You do not have to stop eating some of your favorite foods, but remember to brush afterwards.

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