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Fish Disease Symptoms in Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank Aquariums – Fin and Tail Rot


Most common infections found in in tropical fish tanks are caused by bacteria present in the tank. Similarly, Fin and Tail rot are one of the most common type of diseases found in fish. These are caused by Cytophaga bacteria. This effects the fish having long and soft fins.

Their symptoms have quite a wide range. The fins start looking as if they are bitten or shredded. The lesions become grayish and edges become reddened. They can get even worse if they convert to ulcers that are orange or yellow in color. This has an adverse effect on the fish that they become restless and reluctant to be fed. If left untreated for a longer time, this will cause the fish to have white patches on the fins that’ll show that the cells have been greatly damaged.

Ultimately, this might spread more onto the fish body that causes fish to have rapid respiration and also great amount of mucous in gills. Also, you’ll find the lips to be swollen.


Its imperative to know the reasons for this disease so that it can be avoided in a tropical fish tank to the most possible extent. Usually, the bacteria is present in all conditions in the tropical fish tank. But, there are certain conditions in which they get triggered and thus causing trouble. These conditions need to be determined.

Usually it’s the stress conditions prevailing in the tank that cause this disease to get triggered. The stress is caused by unsatisfactory conditions prevailing in the tank. This bacteria is introduced into the tank by new fish added to the tank and brought from the pet store. The fish release this bacteria into tropical fish tank through feces.

You must keep on performing the water quality test. This will enable you to look for the amount of harmful bacteria present in your tropical fish tank and also the buildup of unwanted chemicals. Perform 15% of water replacement every week. Also do vacuuming of the gravel. Any uneaten food should also be removed from the tank to avoid any kind of difficulties.

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