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Be the Glue That Keeps Your Family Together

– Show that you love and respect your family. – Be there for your family and be willing to help when required. – Help your family find creative solutions to problems. – Do not be controlling in relationships with family members. – Show strength by role modeling. – Encourage family unity and be the leader in doing this. – Be ...

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Herbs For Stress Relief – What They Can Do For You

The use of herbs for stress relief is becoming more popular. From special teas to tablets and capsules, herbal remedies are readily available. These therapeutic herbs have been used for nearly 5,000 years. The Ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese all used them for their healing properties. Today the use of herbals is more appealing because of rampant stress in ...

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Sceletium Tortuosum Aka Kanna Sceletium – Powerful Mood Booster, Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief

Many people associate the word “herbalism” with rancid tasting brews and tinctures that need to be choked down for reasons of longevity and detoxification – there are very few, if any herbs on the market which people would find enjoyable to ingest… but there is a product that may soon take the natural health market by storm. Sceletim Tortuosum, or ...

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Top 5 Recommended Lubricant Eye Drops For Dry Eye Sufferers

Read through my list of recommended lubricant eye drops to banish those dry itchy eyes forever. Remember not all eyes are the same so don’t expect all drops to be the same…! 1. Blink Contacts Eye Drops 10ml – By Blink First choice for most practitioners, a very ‘run-of-the-mill’ drop to help with dry eyes. If you’re someone who’s been ...

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Top 9 Causes Of A Flushing Face

1. Embarrassment It’s almost impossible to avoid flushing or blushing when we feel embarrassed. Either when we least expect it or even worse when we do expect it. When you next feel embarrassment try to remember that your face turning red is 99.9% common and the only discomfort you will feel is the embarrassment itself and not the so called ...

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What Is Fructose Malabsorption Disorder?

What is Fructose Malabsorption? Fructose Malabsorption used to be known as Dietary Fructose Intolerance, this term has been abandoned for two reasons Firstly, to avoid confusion with Hereditary Fructose Intolerance which is a genetic condition that can result in liver damage; secondly, an “intolerance” is a condition in which absorption takes place successfully, but the body cannot process the substance. ...

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The Future of Regenerative Medicine

The field of regenerative medicine has been one of the most groundbreaking areas of scientific advancement in recent years, as scientists explore ways of creating functional tissue to replace old or damaged organs and other tissue to treat a variety of conditions. Regenerative medicine is predicted to become an increasingly common and vital area of medicine in the future, particularly ...

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What is Cultural Competence?

There are many academic definitions of cultural competence. Practically, at a personal level, cultural competence is the ability to interact comfortably, and communicate effectively, with people from a wide range of ethnic/cultural and linguistic backgrounds, some of whom may look and/or sound seriously different from you. At an organizational level, cultural competence requires policies and systems that support and facilitate ...

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A Healthy Balance With Holistic Healing

Looking for alternative methods to help your physical and emotional aches and pains? Here’s a quick overview of options, including an introduction to CranioSacral Therapy. It seems that more and more people are seeking alternative medicine to traditional medical care. The Holistic approach was largely dismissed by mainstream society as a passing fad for many years. However, countries around the ...

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