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Infectious Diseases of Scalp and Hair

There are two main types of hair and scalp diseases: infectious and non-infectious. Infectious diseases are those that they can go contagiously from one man to another. The most common examples of them are: impetigo, head-lice, ringworm, scabies, warts and some more. Severity of these infections and their danger to surrounding people may differ greatly. Therefore, it is of primary ...

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Once You Know About the Symptoms of Rectal Yeast-Infection, it is Easy to Cure

A rectal yeast infection isn’t as well known as a vaginal infection, but the same fungi cause both infections. A infection will have a burning and painful irritation similar to the vaginal infection. Additional symptoms may be a craving for sugar and other carbohydrates while there is a digestive distress as well. Other painful symptoms can develop if an oral ...

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Tropical Fish Diseases – Diagnosing And Treating Cotton Mouth

Cotton mouth is a highly contagious tropical fish disease that can kill your entire tank if treatment isn’t started immediately. This disease is a bacterial infection that enters through the mouth, gills or wounds in the skin. Fish that have an inadequate diet, live in poor water conditions and are stressed out are at risk for cotton mouth. Contaminated nets, ...

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Travel Immunization and Vaccination Advice for Safe Travel

If you are planning to travel abroad, you may need certain travel immunization. Which vaccinations will be required will depend on your travel destination, the length of your stay, and whether or not you have already been inoculated against particular diseases. Consult a physician or travel medicine clinic at least four to six weeks before your departure in order to ...

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10 Items Every Emergency Kit Should Have

Emergency kits are extremely important to have on hand in the event of an emergency. They provide you with the tools you need without having to try to find anything in the throws of a major emergency. With emergency kits, you can just grab the bag and have whatever you need at your fingertips – providing you have those things ...

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Parasites, Candida, Fungus Infection – Monsters Inside of Me Causing Itching, Rash & Bed Bugs

World traveler and former fitness trainer reveals the truth about parasites, candida, fungus, and infections. Beware of itching skin and a rash as they may reveal something beneath the skin. Beyond bed bugs, scratching and bodily torment can be caused by something internal. Monsters inside of me and my family – a real look from an ordinary, itchy and educated ...

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Hawaii Real Estate – Tropical Paradise

Hawaii is many things and offers huge opportunities in a variety of areas but especially in real estate. Hawaii is a tropical paradise and has everything you could possibly want in that setting, and a few things you might not. There is sun, sand, surf, wonderful people and plenty to do and explore. The climate is constant and it is ...

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Papaya For Acne Prone Skin – The Tropical Fruit That Does Wonders

Over sixty million Americans today have the skin condition known as acne. Acne is a non-contagious skin and inflammatory disease that affects the pores covering the face, chest, arms and back along with the oil glands attached to them. Too much oil, known as sebum, is produced by the sebaceous gland and causes a course and greasy complexion. When the ...

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Holistic Alternatives for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a growing problem in the United States and Canada. Because it is a viral condition, there are not a lot of good conventional treatment options for this condition. Hepatitis C can eventually lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer so it is important to get proper treatment for this condition as soon as it is diagnosed. The ...

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