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Swine Flu and Air Travel – 8 Tips to Make it Safer

Swine flu is making air travel for most Americans something of a crap shoot. There are the obvious exposures of re-circulated air, close proximity to strangers and other risks almost none of which are controllable. However, there are a few things you can due to defend yourself. The first question is do you absolutely have to fly, particularly during a ...

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Formalities Before Boarding the Plane

  Before you travel, it is important to learn about weather and health prevailing in the host country.  Raw meat cafe? you should be an expert to partak in local delicacies.                                                   Are there epidemics? What are ...

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Hospitals in Chiang Mai, Thailand – Medical Tourism

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital This is the premium private hospital in Chiang Mai, and with the price range to match: but then again, you get what you pay for, though the Ram is not necessarily where you might want to have your check-up or physician appointment if you are a backpacker traveling on a limited budget. The Ram has comprehensive ...

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African Travel Tips When Visiting Reunion

Reunion is an island born out of a volcano, makes for a rather unusual tropical paradise. Reunion is made up of two great mountain ranges, Peak of the Snows and Peak of the Furnace, separated by the Plains. Unique features are the black sand beaches and the imposing Cirques, a geological curiosity that act as natural amphitheatres. Although a French ...

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How Long Does it Take to Cure GERD?

How long does it take cure GERD and eliminate the digestive pain and problems that accompany it? Myla had just finished her endoscopy procedure. Prior to the recommendation from her doctor, she spent most of her weeks having a hard time to eat. She was so hungry but felt unable to do anything because she always experienced bloatedness. Not to ...

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Healthcare Staffing Agencies

Established healthcare staffing agencies in the United States provide reliable solutions for both employers and job seekers in the medical field. Recognized and reliable healthcare staffing agencies enable employers hire highly qualified and skilled medical professionals to fill the positions in their settings. At the same time, job seekers benefit by gaining placement in well-known healthcare facilities. Qualified Professionals gain ...

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Consider This Before You Travel Abroad

When I was helping my husband prepare for his trip to Bosnia, I read all of the travel information he received. After reading the travel advice, I realized that there were several travel precautions that I had never considered. Of course, he needed immunizations, but I knew about that, or so I thought. I did not know that he also ...

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