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Case Study – Protein, Good Nutrition and Uterine Fibroid Treatment

About 80% of all women in the US have benign tumors, called fibroids, which grow on the uterine wall. Only about 25% of women with fibroids ever notice them, because they are not large enough, but, fibroids are the main reason for hysterectomies in the United States. Fibroids can cause heavy menstrual bleeding and cramping, pain or pressure in the ...

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7 Foods To Increase Your Penis Size And Erection Strength

Food is the daily supply of nutrients that keeps you going. If you can afford to eat out at nice restaurants, food is also your daily pleasure. Its also the main thing that helps keep your body healthy and stay fit. Without the right nutrients entering your body through the foods you eat, you will suffer from physical weakness, malnutrition ...

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The Best Powerlifting Routines

If you’re looking to get as strong as possible, or even if you’re using weight training as a means to an end of a great physique, powerlifting training is extremely beneficial. There are tons of weight lifting programs out there, but all of the successful things have one thing in common – they focus on gaining lots of strength! Here ...

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Diet Protein Shakes – Time to Lose Weight

Ever try to lose weight by eating more? It’s true, it can happen. Learn how to eat right and stay healthy. For any weight loss program to be successful, it is very important to focus on the metabolism. A high metabolism keeps burning fat off the body. If you can maintain the same level of metabolism, you can eat all ...

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Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Eating

For healthy eating you can make a meal on the run with these easy Smoothie Recipes. A blender can make a fast meal from a few ingredients that you keep on hand in your refrigerator. A few easy recipes include soy and or whey protein powders mixed into juice, milk, soy milk, or rice milk. A few smoothie recipe ideas ...

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Low Carb Diet Meal – What Does it Look Like?

What does a low carb diet meal look like for a vegetarian? Well, there are many misconceptions about protein and carbohydrates; vegetarians can create a carbohydrate-reduced diet as well.  By combining an understanding of protein to carbohydrate ratios in vegetarian foods, and exploring the glycemic index of the carbohydrates that you choose, you can create a meal that is low in ...

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The Importance of Combining Exercise With a Healthy Diet

There can be dozens of different factors that can sway things when you look at what goes into a healthy lifestyle that includes aerobics. Exercising rigorously will not reach its capability if healthy eating habits are not formed. Getting energized about working out and doing aerobic exercise goes hand in hand with eating well. When it comes to staying and ...

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