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Can Worry and Stress Cause Weight Loss?


There are so many things that can result in weight loss ranging from illnesses, diet, exercise, poor diet or malnutrition. Among the list stress is a psychological factor that can lead to weight loss. Stress is a challenge that we encounter on a daily basis. It can be stress at work, home, or emotional stress like losing a loved one. A long period of stress like preparing a project within a certain period of time and the stakes are high, preparing for an exam etc. Waiting for important results or too much concern about a sick person are some of the circumstances that can make some one lose weight.

However, there are people who actually gain weight when they are stressed or worried. These people find comfort in food when they are worried about something. To them it is like therapy as they believe they will relax or cope better with the stress. These are called emotional eaters because they eat when they are going through an emotional issue. The problem with this kind of eating is that they don’t usually run for vegetables or fruit they are usually attracted to junk food that is high in sugars and fats. This is the reason why you may notice that someone has gained weight as they stop looking after themselves when they are in mourning, anxious about something or are trying to forget or get over something. However, after this period they get back in control and loose the extra pounds they put gained, while others may find it hard to do the same.

It is not everybody that gains weight because of eating when they are stressed. Our bodies react to stress by producing the cortisol hormone which is also called the ‘stress’ hormone. This hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands when you are going through stress. It is a healthy way of the body to protect it self from damage caused by stress. However, there are instances where there is too much production of this hormone in reaction to too much stress encountered by the body. More production of cortisol raises the blood sugar level and it also starts storing fats. This is the main reason why you will gain when you are stressed. Stress is in itself enough reason to add weight without adding junk food.

Some people can be very stressed and loose weight instead of gaining weight. They will be so worried that they loose appetite while others will even forget to eat. This can be a very serious case that is likely to lead to depression. For instance if it the loss of a loved, the person will be very devastated and even get into shock. Not knowing how to best cope with the loss they withdraw and they may even become unhealthy because they are not eating well any more. It can be advisable for this kind of person to see a therapist for counseling and get their lives back.

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