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7 Tips For a Bathroom Facelift


Every few years a bathroom just needs a facelift. If your bathroom is in good condition for the most part, but just needs some sprucing up, here are some tips.

1. Paint your bathroom. Painting the walls with a new shade can give the whole room a major lift, but do it right. Start with a primer. It adds just a few dollars to the cost, but not only will your paint hold up better, but it will make for a much more even coat.

Use a good enamel paint. There are many top brands that are water based for easy clean-up, and hold up very well. Use satin or eggshell if you like a low gloss.

2. Consider sanding your cabinetry and giving it a good stain. You can select a wood tone, or one of many color stains that are now available.

You may be tempted to just paint the cabinetry, but paint will tend to chip where stain is embedded in the wood and will hold up over time, if you do the job right. This takes a little elbow grease, but will make a dramatic change to your bathroom.

Buy some new knobs and your bathroom cabinets will have a new and different look.

3. Updating your lighting can also produce great results. Well thought out lighting just where you need it can definitely brighten up a bathroom.

Choosing attractive fixtures can make a stunning improvement in the decor of your bathroom. Lighting fixtures are not only functional, they lend much to the overall decor of your bath.

4. Replace your vanity top if it is showing signs of wear. A new vanity top and sink are a great way to update your bathroom. This is the most seen area of most bathrooms, and often gets the most use.

Consider adding a new countertop sink instead of the standard bathroom basin. There are hundreds to choose from and they will give your bath a new and trendy appearance.

5. If a new vanity top and a countertop sink is one of your choices, go the extra mile and invest in a new faucet. Here again, there are many to choose from in many styles and finishes.

Chrome was the old standby for decades, but these days you can have oil rubbed finishes, bronzed finishes, a variety of brushed finishes, or very shiny finishes. Handles and spouts offer many options in style as well. Longer necked spouts have become very popular for the bathroom and provide an interesting look.

6. while you’re giving your bath a refresher course, this is a good time to re-grout around the tub. If your shower door is looking well past it’s time, this may be the time to replace it.

7. And, it goes without saying, that new linens will always perk up your bath. If you have painted your bath a new color, this may be the time to replace at least the linens that get seen on a daily basis.

This is not to suggest that you undertake all of these suggestions. Choose one or two that will do the most to perk up and give your bathroom a fresh look.

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