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The Family Unit – The Effects of the World Today

“Families are the basic building blocks of humanity. The family unit is still a family unit whether its members are twelve or two. Family unity is developed and displayed in a variety of ways and in many different settings, meaning family unity is a family being together in happy and peaceful. Today, families are under constant stress, being pushed and ...

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Yes, You Can Get a Scalp Yeast Infection and it is Treatable

It seems that yeast can appear anywhere on your body. If you have been a victim of yeast infections of the genital area, then don’t seem so surprised if you derive a scalp yeast infection, too. It can happen. You have been told that yeast infections occur because the area is damp and is an environment for producing more yeast. ...

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Ultimate Superfoods List

In this article I’m going to share with you my ultimate superfoods list that will help build immune system strength in your body. I highly recommend against eating a bunch of acai berries because even though they’re a pretty good antioxidant they’re in no way as beneficial as the marketers are claiming. But there are some superfoods out there that ...

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Tropical Vacations – How to Choose a Destination

Tropical vacations are the desire of most every cold weather climate resident. Although cold climates have a lot to offer regarding outdoor fun, it is natural to want a change of pace. So, for the parka clad bunch, tropical vacations are the answer, and a warm sandy beach is the goal. Whether sunbathing is your idea of fun, or fitting ...

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Natural Stress Relief – Natural Anxiety Remedies

Stress is a condition that can arise from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or anxious. Stress is a very individual thing because what may be stressful to one person is not necessarily stressful to another. Stress is a normal part of everyday life, and can be good in small quantities because it can help motivate ...

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Angelfish Diseases – Proper Cure For Your Angels

There are two categories of angelfish diseases. These diseases can be contagious so make sure to separate as soon as possible the infected angelfish from the other clean and healthy fishes in your aquarium. The first one is the bacterial angelfish diseases and the other one is the parasitic angelfish diseases. Both are curable and could be prevented from proper ...

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The Best Foods to Improve Hearing

Many believe that age-related loss of hearing is inevitable, that it should occur as we get older but did you know that by including certain foods in your diet you can improve hearing? You heard me right, hearing can be improved not only by reducing exposure to noise, having implants, having hearing aids, or by having your ears regularly cleaned ...

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